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Equal Parenting Rights

People often believe that mothers are favored in divorce actions for child custody, visitation, spousal support and other issues. In fact, courts are increasingly favoring joint custody arrangements. The court also looks to see what will be in the best interests of the child and what will be fair to each parent. The court also wants to preserve a child’s relationships with each parent.

Rosalyn W. Otieno has extensive experience when it comes to negotiating and drafting agreements that preserve and protect both parents interests. She carefully listens to her clients and works to find agreeable solutions between all parties involved.

Helping Parents With All Types Of Family Law Issues

Our law firm can help parents with all types of family law issues, including:

Effective Counsel When You Need It Most

We are adept at helping men with paternity actions to prove that they are the father of a child and to establish custody and visitation rights. In other situations, we can help request a paternity test to prove that someone is not the father and is not obligated to pay child support. We also make sure that both parents are treated fairly during property division negotiations and spousal support requests.

We understand the sensitive nature of these matters and we work closely with our clients to understand their concerns and accomplish their goals. Whether this involves negotiation, mediation or pursuing your case in court, we are always prepared to help you.

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