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Dedicated Advocacy During Difficult Times

The stress and fear that many of our clients feel when confronted with a family law dispute can be overwhelming. They are facing decisions they don’t feel prepared to make. We help our clients understand the process. Knowing what to expect is a good first step to working through your family law dispute.

Attending To All The Details Surrounding Your Divorce

Rosalyn W. Otieno, Attorney at Law, can give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are in good hands. Specific areas of our practice include:


When a marriage comes to an end, the parties need to make some important decisions. There may be arguments surrounding child support, child custody, alimony, and the division of marital assets and debts. Founder Rosalyn W. Otieno has experience with everything from divorce by mutual consent involving no children and few marital assets to highly contested matters involving property settlements, spousal support and custody battles. We also have experience handling fathers’ rights matters.

We are aggressive in pursuing our clients’ best interests. We take the time to learn their goals and understand their situation. That kind of attention allows us to educate them on what to expect and how to protect themselves and their families.

Child Custody And Visitation

The best interests of the child dictate how a court determines child custody. Whether it is part of a separation agreement or a divorce, creating a custody arrangement can be difficult. It is important to create a comprehensive and reasonable plan for custody and visitation for your child’s future. A comprehensive agreement minimizes conflict and reduces the chances of returning to the courthouse to modify an agreement.

Once a divorce is finalized, there may still be issues that need resolution. The circumstances of the original parenting plan can change over time. You may need to modify child custody or support agreements. We can help you reach new arrangements with the other parent.

Child Support

The court examines several factors in determining what, if any, child support payments are to be paid following a divorce proceeding. Having a lawyer present at these proceedings helps ensure that the outcome is fair and manageable. We can help you come to a positive agreement with your spouse regarding these financial matters.

Spousal Support

In some circumstances, spousal support, also known as alimony, may also be awarded. We can help you determine if you are eligible and work to negotiate an agreement that your spouse and the court will support.

Property Division

Our firm has experience helping clients negotiate all property that must be split between spouses in a divorce proceeding. From the marital home to investment accounts, we will make sure that every asset is valued correctly and divided equitably.

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